Pottery by Ekua

Sara has been working on some pottery for the past few months and just got picked up by the TicTail shop in New York! Some of her inspirations come from being utilitarian with her work, and finding natural forms and shapes in nature. You can pick some of her stuff at 90 Orchard Street in New York or you can buy online here.

Space 15 Twenty Interview with Lowell Ong

Urban Outfitter’s Space 15 Twenty did a quick interview with Lowell for their weekly Zine Files feature. Check it out here and read about how he became a man, got into photography, and whether or not he’d take a one-way trip to Mars.

“The Asians back in the day who thought skateboarding was ‘too white’ to do (please note: this was Orange County in the late 90s / early-early 00’s and most Asians were into rap, rice rockets, and import models.)”

Photography zines from Low!